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Owner - Brianna Queen, 20 years old, Junior at University of Maryland - College Park studying Information Science.

Hey Hey, I'm the one who preps, packs and ships your order, runs all social media accounts, replies to emails, fills your glitter jars, sticks labels on products (cries). All jokes aside, its a one woman show over here! Thank you for your continuous support. I started this brand back in September of 2016, we're just gonna see where it goes! Feel free to hit me up on the gram! I don't bite. 

How F*CKBOY REPELLENT was born: 

My 20th birthday was on election day, go figure. I came out with the product the next day. Trump is a F*CKBOY. All I've ever been exposed to in my life....were F*CKBOY's. I've gotten my heart F*CKBOY's. But its all gucci! Never let anyone break your heart for FREE.